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Teninty & Son, Inc. began renting and providing service for portable restrooms in 1990. We have realized tremendous growth in this industry because we provide state-of-the-art portable restrooms, excellent and dependable service, and go out of our way to meet our customers' needs.

There are several reasons why portable restrooms have become an acceptable way in which to meet the needs of guests and customers.

1.  Our portable restrooms are not the smelly, eye-sores that we have all tried to avoid. Our restrooms are attractive in appearance, and they are kept sanitary and smelling fresh. This is done by using state-of-the-art portable restrooms and by utilizing well researched, modern disinfectants.

2.  They are a great way to keep people from trudging through your home to use the bathroom at your outdoor party or from having too many people use your bathroom, thereby overusing your septic system.

3. They are an invaluable way of meeting the needs of customers at special events.


  1. If you would like a portable restroom in which the waste in the tank is kept out of view, then we recommend a VIP deluxe unit.
  2. If you will be serving food and beverages or will be washing your hands after using the restroom to prevent illness, we recommend a portable restroom with a sink located inside the unit, or a free standing hand wash station.

Portable Restrooms are a great way to meet the needs of guests at a small party or customers at huge outdoor events. Our portable restrooms are cleaned and sanitized at our shop. They are then delivered to your location. Our men place them where you desire, make sure they are firmly in place and level, and wipe them down inside and outside. Based on our customers' comments we can assure you that your guests or customers will be pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and pleasant smell of our portable restrooms. This page contains helpful information to assist you and pictures of the portable restrooms we recommend for special events.


This model is very popular. It has a sink, paper towel and soap dispenser, flush toilet, urinal, and optional solar powered light. The sink has a pump located at its base which is operated by your foot. This is quite sanitary because you do not need to touch anything with your hands. The paper towel and soap dispensers are attractive and conveniently located.

The VIP Deluxe also comes with a flushing toilet. This feature is worthwhile for several reasons. First, it has a flap which closes at the base of the toilet bowl. A common complaint of portable restroom users is that they have to look at the waste in the tank. The flap at the base of the bowl in the VIP Deluxe keeps the waste in the tank out of view. Second, the flap keeps the air fresher because it forces the vapors from the waste out of the vent pipe. This ensures a cleaner smell inside of the VIP Deluxe. Third, the flushing toilet is perceived as being a step up from the standard portable restroom. This perception assists in promoting a much more elegant atmosphere at a special event or party. The VIP Deluxe also comes with an optional solar powered light. This Light provides a generous amount of illumination for using the VIP Deluxe.

VIP 2000

This style is our standard special event restroom. It has a standard toilet tank seat, and urinal. It comes with or without a sink, paper towel dispenser, and soap dispenser. As with all of our special event restrooms, it is set aside for use only at special events. They are very attractive in appearance.

Specialized Units


These units are always a big hit at events or parties. They are attractive in appearance and remarkably easy to use. The unit is operated by pressing a pedal at its base. This is highly sanitary because you do not need to touch anything with your hands. The paper towel dispenser is located in the center of the unit and there are soap dispensers located over each sink basin. This model also has trash receptacles located on each side of the unit.


These units are an attractive way to meet the needs of the physically challenged at your event or gathering. They are fully compliant with the latest regulations and are very easy to use. There is no ramp, making it easy to enter by wheelchair. There is a large turning radius and a convenient bench as part of the restroom area. It also comes with all of the hand rails necessary.


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