Construction/Long Term Portable Restroom Rentals

There are several factors which we feel indicate that our service is the best on the North Oregon Coast. First, we have incredibly nice looking units. They are all very new and we go out of our way to keep them looking nice. Many people have commented that our portable restrooms are the nicest that they have ever seen or used. The attractive appearance of our units is accentuated because they are always delivered clean and sanitized. Second, our weekly service is excellent. Our men scour and disinfect the restrooms during each weekly service visit. (A sanitizer which is used in hospitals is utilized.) During this time, they replenish the paper products, pump the tank and refill it with fresh water. Our men are so prompt in keeping their weekly service schedule that they are at your site almost the same exact time each week.  Construction professionals are constantly informing us that our units are the best maintained that they have ever used. Third, our pricing is very reasonable.

We are very sure that you will be happy with the units and service we offer. We pride ourselves in going out of our way to meet our customers' needs and would like to provide the same great service to you.

Portable Toilets Are Valuable For Several Reasons:

1. A clean portable toilet improves worker morale.

A clean portable toilet located at a job site indicates that the boss desires to meet his workers' needs. The workers do not need to be creative in looking around for alternative bathroom facilities. This can lead to an unsanitary work environment. The waste will remain long after the workers leave the job site and your customers move in. Instead, they can use a clean, sanitary location. This will result in more efficient work time and a better attitude on the job site. Also, it will reduce the travel time to and from alternative sites saving workers' break times. It will increase the cleanliness of the work environment, and workers do not have to work in an uncomfortable state. A toilet can best be kept clean by providing 1 toilet per 10 workers for a 40-hour work week. The toilet should be placed within 100 feet of the actual work area.

2. A portable toilet can result in reduced cost on the work site.

The chart above reveals the savings that can be attained by reducing the time a worker must look around for a place to use bathroom facilities. Adding a facility will shorten the distance workers must travel or prevent workers from having to use unsanitary alternatives, thereby producing time (and cost) savings. In a study done by the University of Missouri at St. Louis it was determined that installing an additional unit reduced the length of time wasted waiting for a unit to become available or walking to a unit amounted to an average of 15 minutes per worker, per day. Look what just an additional 10 minutes toilet time costs you in production:

FORMULA: Hourly Rate divided by 60 Minutes Per Hour x 10 Minutes x Number of Employees x 255 Days Per Year.

3. The presence of a portable toilet presents a more professional image for the construction site manager.

The fact that a construction company places portable toilets on site for their employees and subcontractors indicates that they go the extra mile and that they take care of every detail in the construction process. The presence of a portable toilet presents a professional image to the general public (potential customers) and the other individuals involved in the construction profession.

Additional Construction Equipment Offered:
  • 250 gallon holding tanks
  • Several styles of hand washing equipment for cleanliness on the work site
  • Solar powered flushing portable restrooms (just like home)
  • ADA compliant restrooms



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